Aussie game development industry is worth AUD$90 million

Leigh Harris
Aussie game development industry is worth AUD$90 million

Following on from the news this morning that the first AUD$6 million was being rolled out to local devs, Screen Aus has spoken up.

"Given that game development is the fastest growing sector of the worldwide audiovisual market from a consumer perspective, Australian developers should share in the $80 billion global market," Screen Australia's Chief Operating Officer Fiona Cameron said today.

"Screen Australia's Game Enterprise program provides a diverse range of Australian companies with valuable funds to help develop original IP, employ more people, including promoting internships, and expand distribution and marketing opportunities," she said.

Screen Australia also included games in its industry-wide survey (of screen production in Australia), and found it to have a total income of AUD$89.4 million. The number is shy of what the industry was producing some five years ago the last time such a survey was conducted, but Screen Aus said this was 'unsurprising' give the transition from large console developers providing dev services to overseas companies to the myriad of up-and-coming indies the industry now sports.

“In the wake of the tough economic climate for the global entertainment industry, we have moved from a large, predominantly work-for-hire industry, to a smaller group of highly skilled developers making and self-publishing games for web and mobile platforms,” Ms Cameron said.

“The government’s interactive games fund provides crucial and timely support for Australian teams to build sustainable games studios and retain a greater share of intellectual property. This will flow on to a greater share of the economic benefit for developers of break-out hits like Fruit Ninja.”

Click here for a full list of the funding receipients of the Enterprise program, and click here for details on the upcoming Production program, which will be accepting applications for individual videogame productions until 12th July.




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