Local Hitman reviews fire in both directions

Leigh Harris
Local Hitman reviews fire in both directions

Well, it hasn't been as known a quantity as Call of Duty, so all eyes have been waiting for these mixed reviews for Hitman: Absolution.

Overall, it's recommended, say the local reviews, but there are certainly detractors.

The big thumbs ups are coming from Luke Reilly at IGN (9/10), Nathan Lawrence at Official Playstation Magazine (9/10) Bajo and Hex on Good Game last night (18.5/20 in total) and smaller sites Analog Addiction and CyberGamer, which gave it 93% and 90% respectively.

Meanwhile in the less praise-filled camp, GameArena clocked in early, with Joab Gilroy giving it 3/10, Stephen Farrelly from AusGamers gave it a 7.5/10, and Atomic's David Hollingworth doled out a 79%.

Other local reviews to go live so far include:


"Absolution plays as deep as ever thanks to the many ways you can eliminate each target", says the Daily Telegraph. "Poison their drink, swap their hair gel for a flammable paste or just take them out with a silenced bullet, the choice is yours."

Atomic, meanwhile, says: "Absolution gets a lot of stuff right, but there are enough jarring mis-steps to make the game feel, at times, like too much of a chore."


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