Another big mobile hit rises from ANZ

Leigh Harris
Another big mobile hit rises from ANZ

New Zealand developer Dave Frampton is no stranger to success (following Chopper and Chopper 2), but he's just found another 1 million strong audience.

His new game, Blockheads, is a side-scrolling Minecraft style world builder, which sees players able to climb vertically over almost any object while they mine deep and build high.

According to Frampton, the game's downloads are doubling every day.

It works on a mechanic which sees every act of crafting or creation take time. While the progress bar is up there, the number of 'gems' required to instantly build said item slowly decreases as completion nears, and at any time the player can click the button to spend some gems and finish quickly.

The game is free-to-play and the gems themselves are primarily acquired through in-game purchases, and has reached #2 on the free apps in the US App Store on iOS.



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