ANALYSIS: Free-to-play games putting pressure on triple-A

Michael French
ANALYSIS: Free-to-play games putting pressure on triple-A

In an increasingly fractured market there are less and less outright villains in the games business, save for one business model: free-to-play.

Those that don’t find F2P creatively satisfying, or who see it as a challenge to their business, are the most vocal. Most recently that debate has spilled over into consumer commentary as companies like EA make this a more aggressive part of their strategy (and for good reason when its boxed products are missing quarterly guidance and causing its CEO to commit hara-kari).

After my trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week I’ve got some bad news for the haters: free-to-play doesn’t just have an edge over the market at the moment, those games are getting deeper, more complicated, better looking and richer (in all senses of the word).

They are challenging console games. They are more like core games than ever. And they are making as much money as them.

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