Aliens: Colonial Marines story trailer launches

Leigh Harris
Aliens: Colonial Marines story trailer launches

One of the first highly anticipated titles off the rank this year is coming from Borderlands 2 creators Gearbox Software.

Aliens: Colonial marines is looking to be the most faithful videogame to the Aliens universe ever created, jumping in directly after the second movie (Aliens) to continue the story of the marines' struggle against the aliens as the re-enforcements they called for finally arrive 17 weeks after the events of the film.

The presentation is pitch-perfect, nailing the lingo, the cinematic style and the key elements of the movie with ease and moving into the action very quickly.

Sets from the movie will be recreated, and the schematics for sets which were never used for the film, but which had been penned, are set to be created for the first time in the game.

Check out the new story trailer for the game here.


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