AGPN continues massive growth

Joel Van Daal
AGPN continues massive growth

Just six months in, the Australasian Gaming Podcast network continues to set a new pace.

The AGPN was founded in October last year during PAX Australia by Adam 'Pez' Perry, Joel Rennie, Micheal Sloane, Brendan White and Leto Colbran-Simpson with the goal of meeting other podcasters in Australia.

Perry tells MCV Pacific, "After reaching out to other groups, a large number of them didn't even know that there were other podcasts in Australia."

"We created the hashtag #AGPN for other podcast to use when they post or tweet a episode or event. We reached over 25 podcasts across Australia by December and started to pick up some NZ podcasts."

"Just recently we made the change to renaming the community to 'Australasian Gaming Podcast Network' to open up to all podcasts across Aus and NZ."

The group has so far completed meet up in four Australia states, with plans in the works for a New Zealand gathering.

AGPN will soon host its first live stream event, pitting Podcast vs Podcast in the popular card game Super Fight. Confirmed podcasters including the likes of Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, Tegan Jones and James Turner. You can find out more information about this at the official Facebook page and watch it live on Twitch.

AGPN has now grown to 46 podcasts, reaching an audience of over 70,000 listeners weekly, with members colaborating to boost efforts.

You can check out the official Facebook Group, and check out the full list of podcast's below.

  • Horse Skeleton
  • The Hungry gamers
  • Crossing the Streams
  • Sass Effect 
  • You Game Bro?
  • Game Hugs 
  • Matt & Yug
  • Front Seat Gamer
  • HashTag Me
  • Leaping Tiger
  • Reset: A Gaming Podcast
  • A Couple of NPCs
  • The Indoorsmen
  • Play Nice Play Now
  • The Semi Cast
  • The Inconsolables
  • The GAP
  • Lame Storming
  • The Mega PokeCast
  • Ultra Super Mega
  • Party Loaded
  • Games Vault Podcast
  • I Speak Giant
  • Player 2
  • Vookcast
  • Retro Domination
  • Console Domination
  • Dialogue Option
  • Pixel Sift
  • Split Screen
  • OK Games
  • Podcast in Space
  • The Pixel Pop Movie Cast
  • Tim & Phill
  • The Oceanic Gamer
  • Patched
  • Super New Gamers
  • D1DLC
  • Filthy Creatures
  • Eight and a Half Bit
  • Flash point
  • Geekdom United
  • Hyper >> Magazine
  • The Video Shop


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