AFA to release APPGEAR

Leigh Harris
AFA to release APPGEAR

A new augmented reality line to blend gaming and mobile apps is hitting Australian shores courtesy of AFA Interactive.

APPGEAR is a creation from the designers of Robosapien, and allows players to utilise their iOS and Android devices to interact with the real world, in what developer WowWee are dubbing 'Amplified Reality'.

The APPGEAR concept will apply itself to a range of games releasing soon, each of which will incorporate augmented reality to some extent and come with a physical toy which players can use to interact with their virtual game world.

The first title off the block will be Foam Fighters, which converts your phone or tablet device into a first-person cockpit and allows you to dogfight in your living room. Several other APPGEAR titles will be released in July this year.


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