Activision comes out swinging at EBX

Leigh Harris
Activision comes out swinging at EBX

With a honed focus and a distinct sense of purpose, Activision has two stands at the show for Skylanders and Call of Duty only.

Jeff Wong, Marketing Director for Activision, told MCV that a specific pot was set aside from very early on this year with a view to really making a splash at this year's show.

The massive Call of Duty superbooth and similarly daunting Skylanders castle are prominent from almost anywhere in the exhibition hall, and Activision decided to kick their presence off with a stretched hummer full of media being carted down to the show floor the night before for multiplayer hands-on with Black Ops II.

Commenting on the cost of establishing such a space at the show, Wong said that Activision had managed to keep its costs down through strategic partnerships, sourcing consoles from Microsoft, X12 headsets from Turtle Beach (with whom Activision have also partnered for the Call of Duty branded headset range) and screens from LG.

The timing of the EXPO and consumer-friendly nature of both titles made perfect sense to Activision, which figured it'd get the most out of the show by really focusing on giving fans enough access to both rather than attempting to cram all their titles in.

Last year, Call of Duty fans didn't get as much hands-on time with the game as they would've liked, a problem which is completely absent this year as, despite huge lines so far, Call of Duty has more IDUs in a bigger space than any other title on the show floor.


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