A wild GamesRadar AU appears

Leigh Harris
A wild GamesRadar AU appears

GamesRadar has opened up shop in Australia through Future Publishing, with Sophia Tony and Darren Wells piloting the ship.

The new site is built to take advantage of touch screens, featuring an inexhaustible downward scroll which loads as you go (ala Twitter and Facebook).

Sophia Tong, a former editor at GameSpot, is taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief, while Darren Wells, editor of Official Xbox Magazine, will be its editor.

The move makes future now the controller of two localised videogame sites, the first being CVG, which was opened by Future in May of this year.

"We are extremely proud about the latest evolution of GamesRadar.com,” said Sophia Tong, Editor-in-Chief, GamesRadar. “The new look and site features help lay the foundation for all the exciting things to come in 2013.”

Wells added: "The touchscreen revolution is here to stay, and GamesRadar’s bold new layout takes full advantage of it."

The site is kicking off with a Game of the Year awards, which will be streamed live on Tuesday 18th December.


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