A change may be in the winds for home consoles

Leigh Harris
A change may be in the winds for home consoles

In a rather grim outlook of the next generation of consoles over on MCV UK, the question is raised of the almighty casual dollar.

Citing a combined $8 billion loss between the PS3 and 360 consoles, the piece asks whether there continues to be room for big budget home consoles at all.

Indeed, versatility would seem to be the defining sink-or-swim characteristic of the next generation of consoles, with digital downloads likely to be a pivotal aspect of their reigns.

As third party publishers embrace smartphones and tablets more and more and the power of those devices increases, Ben Cousins (ex EA and Sony writing on Kotaku) argues that the casual audience may evaporate for home consoles while the hardcore market is being catered to better and better by Steam and PC.

Other mid-range devices like the Steambox and Ouya are also set to work as viable competitors for the space, while the amounts of money being poured into the new consoles and each blockbuster being produced for them only continues to go upwards.

That said, Nintendo is currently reporting that Wii U sales are on target, so it's still possible that these predictions are ahead of their time.


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