3 Blokes Studios shuts down

Leigh Harris
3 Blokes Studios shuts down

Brisbane-based developer 3 Blokes, which was acquired by Rock You (US) in June last year, has closed its doors.

The news was first broken by IndieSocialGames.com, which indicated that Rock You was shifting its focus towards publishing.

Josh Grant, SVP of Rock You and GM of Studio Partners told ISG: "Yes, we wound down the 3 Blokes studio. We have great respect for the team. The focus of our business has changed; our core capabilities are in monetization and distribution, and we reorganized last year to focus on our media business and third party publishing."

It's not all bad news, however, as MCV understands that the core team from 3 Blokes will have some further news about their future very soon.

3 Blokes was a modest studio of less than 20 people, and is best-known for the successful Facebook space strategy game Galactic Allies.

Stay tuned to MCV for further news about the team.


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