2 Aussie games part of the Wii U launch lineup

Leigh Harris
2 Aussie games part of the Wii U launch lineup

MCV mentioned a while back that a little known studio called Straight Right down in Melbourne was handling the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3.

It turned out to be the sister developer of well-established studio Tantalus, which is also releasing a game for the platform at launch: Funky Barn.

Tom Crago, head of the pair of studios, spoke to MCV about why he's behind the platform.

"We really hope the Wii U finds a big audience. It'll be a good thing for the industry overall if it can." he begins.

"We're pretty invested in the platform and we've been incredibly close to it over the last year and a half. From our perspective as a developer it's been great to work with and we're particularly excited by the potential of the GamePad."

"We've found some cool things to do with it already but I suspect the best is yet to come."

Australia represents 8.33333333% of the Wii U's launch lineup.


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