10 things you need to know about: EB EXPO

Leigh Harris
10 things you need to know about: EB EXPO

With shenanigans kicking off for consumers tomorrow, MCV takes a look at ten basic facts regarding the EB EXPO's program.


  1. The show was Australia's largest gaming expo last year, with almost 15'000 tickets sold. This year's show passed 22'000 a week ago, and is likely close to its total of 30'000 now, doubling last year's 'biggest' effort.
  2. Voting for the EBX Awards will be open from 10am Friday to 2pm Sunday, and you can encourage people to vote at the official web site here.
  3. The event is slated to take on more of a celebratory 'festival' vibe than last year, focusing on providing entertainment as well as first-looks and first-plays of the games themselves.
  4. The EB Exhibition is the swirling centre of the action, housing almost all publishers and showing off every major game set for release between now and early 2013.
  5. EB Live will be the live presentations by various big-name developers of their games on stage at the Arena.
  6. The stage will be punctuated by the EB Arena Spectacular, which will see stunt bikes and pyrotechnics light up the stage at 9.30am Friday and Saturday.
  7. Twilight will have its own surprises, with the team looking to outdo the closing extravaganzas of last year at the EB Twilight Spectacular sessions, running from 10.30pm Friday and Saturday.
  8. The EB Grand Finale will have the cosplay competition finals, as well as being the culmination of the other 'Spectacular' sessions and will take place at 3.00pm on the Sunday.
  9. The in-show EB Games store will be 2.5x the size of last year's.
  10. The Home Grown Gaming section will house the eSports events, local developers' stands, the best in tech and the pop-culture and comic-focused Sideshow Alley.


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