10 things you need to know about: Call of Duty headsets

Leigh Harris
10 things you need to know about: Call of Duty headsets

A now for a timely 10 things piece, where we take a look at the exclusive range of branded Call of Duty headsets from Turtle Beach:


  1. The Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II headset range was developed in association with Activision and Treyarch to deliver the game sound as the developers intended.
  2. The Ear Force Kilo will never be released as a stand-alone headset; this will be the only opportunity to purchase this headset before it is gone forever.  
  3. The Ear Force Tango has many features that will be included in the successor to the Ear Force XP500, which is out in 2013. The Ear Force Tango is your exclusive preview of a new Turtle Beach headset before it is released.
  4. The Ear Force Sierra is the first headset released that is based on the upcoming Turtle Beach Tournament Series of headsets, developed specifically for pro-gamers, and are the official headsets of MLG.
  5. The Ear Force Tango and Ear Force Sierra both feature custom pre-sets programmed specifically for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and voice prompts by the actual in-game voice actors.
  6. Turtles are generally very poor competitors when playing Call of Duty. Their well-known slow motor skills, lack of opposable thumbs and little understanding of advanced strategy make them very easy to defeat. It is still best not to underestimate them though.
  7. You can go to the Community Pre-sets Portal at the Turtle Beach site to download additional pre-sets to the Ear Force Tango or Ear Force Sierra.
  8. The Ear Force Tango and X-Ray features a new Dual-Band Wi-Fi technology that selects the optimum transmission frequency and virtually eliminates interference while gaming.  
  9. The Ear Force Tango, Sierra and X-Ray feature adjustable surround sound angles, alter the position of the virtual surround sound speakers to customise your audio experience.
  10. Ear Force Earbuds have been designed to deliver superior gaming audio from handheld consoles, including 10mm drivers, noise-isolating design and cloth braided cables. 


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