Where Digital Nationz came from

Leigh Harris
Where Digital Nationz came from

The newly announced Digital Nationz will be the only dedicated videogames expo in New Zealand.

Peter Hall, the founder of the expo, is also the business development manager for the event's Auckland venue: the Vector Arena.

Hall said:

New Zealand is one of the few countries where a major electronic/digital expo doesn’t exist, the “extremes” are covered for the hard core fans of comic books and TV-series and for those who are developers and programmers, but mainstream New Zealand has nothing. I wanted to create an event heavy on content both international and Kiwi made. In short our goal is to let you engage, discuss and explore the digital world, by putting future products, prototypes and concepts in your hands right now.

It's interesting to note that EB Games has a booth at the show, presumably with a retail component, but more importantly it shows that in spite of the close timing, the company doesn't see Digital Nationz as detracting from the 2013 EB EXPO in any way.

Given the late timing of the event's announcement, it's cheap ticket pricing and the list of names already on board, it seems like it might be able to pull of filling up the 12'000 person capacity Vector Arena.

Tickets can be purchased here, going from as little as NZD$14, with discounts for students and VIP tickets are also available.

Early bird tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am New Zealand time.


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