What's up next for the Wii U?

Leigh Harris
What's up next for the Wii U?

With the holiday period now behind us, we take a look at the second wave of Nintendo titles to follow the launch lineup.

First up will be SiNG PARTY, hitting on 19th January, providing the new requisite singing and dancing combo for the new console.

On the slate for some time in early 2013 is Lego City Undercover, the open-world action adventure game where players will inhabit the shoes of Chase McCain and drive, shoot and parkour their way around the brick-based city.

March is more populated. The Wii U and 3DS will get a simultaneous release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and the sequel to Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube is hitting for 3DS only.

Finally, Pikmin 3 (pictured) is on the slate for calendar Q2.



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