VIDEO: Call of Duty cares

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Call of Duty cares

A cursory glance at EB Games' web site alone reveals over 10 Black Ops II related SKUs, but that doesn't mean we're getting all the good stuff.

Over at IGN, a video unboxing of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package edition reveals the extent to which fan frenzy can be counted upon to induce enough madness and dull haze to justify even the most exorbitant of special editions.

While it doesn't seem to have reached Australian and New Zealand shores, the massive box contains a remote control dragonfly, a branded controller and in amongst mountains of merch, I'm sure there's also a copy of the game.

Check out the full video below. This truly is the SUV of Special Editions. Large, ugly, expensive and makes other people scared of you.


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