Trial of the Clone released today

Leigh Harris
Trial of the Clone released today

Tin Man Games is at it again, launching a new Gamebook Adventure created from Zach Weinersmith's Kickstarted Trial of the Clone.

The quick turnaround time is impressive, with the physical book only being funded on Kickstarter mid last year.

Weinersmith, of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal fame, describes the game as 'Douglas Adams meets Star Wars', and will certainly satisfy fans of Tin Man's modern classic adventure series who are looking for a sci-fi comedy bent.

Meanwhile, the entire thing is narrated by internet celebrity plus actor Wil Wheaton.

The Melbourne-based Tin Man Games has effectively cornered the market in interactive gamebooks with its engine and series, including having officially secured the Fighting Fantasy license.

Trial of the Clone is available for iOS now for $3.99(US)/$4.49(Aus)/£2.49/ 3,59 €.


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