Thief dated for 2014

Leigh Harris
Thief dated for 2014

The reimagining of the classic steal-em-up Thief has been given its next generation release date of 27th February 2014.

Sure to turn heads, sleight hands and pick pockets, the original game was one of pioneers of stealth purity, giving players the ability to complete levels without harming a single person, yet making off with the stash.

Of course, developers Eidos Montreal have been courting that particular niche since the game's announcement - a smart move since a good rep this early on in the new console life cycle can be a great starting point for a new franchise. The last thing they'd want to do is cash-in on the name, even if that initial target audience isn't as mainstream as they'd perhaps like.

Regardless, it looks like it'll please fans and have plenty to offer newcomers when it hits PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One and PC next year.

In the mean time, Square Enix has just released a Gamescom trailer for the title.

Check it out below:



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