The PS4 controller in focus

Leigh Harris
The PS4 controller in focus

The Dual Shock 4 is probably the most unique looking controller in the usually uniform series.

Sony has gone into greater detail with the new device, which is apparently much more comfortable to play with.

The touch screen can be designed to be used by pointing an index finger or shifting up one's thumbs, while the thumbsticks themsevles are indented and are reported to be much better for 'delicate manipulation'.

Motion control is tied into the new sensor, which will apparently make for much tighter responsiveness, and there's of course the 'share' button for instant uploading of content from in-game.

The bad news, however, is that PS3 controllers won't work with your PS4.

Move controllers will, but Sony must really be pushing the touch-screen and sharing functionality to block the controller entirely in spite of the same button layout.



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