State of Decay refused classification

Leigh Harris
State of Decay refused classification

If this were a TV show, this would be the moment where at the end of an episode, the last line reveals the same problem happening all over again.

But this isn't a TV show, this is the Australian Classification Board administering restrictive guidelines to increasingly mature games.

State of Decay has reportedly been refused classification in Australia.

State of Decay contains very real depictions of creating and administering drugs in order to survive the fictitious zombie apocalypse it represents.

As the drugs are representatives of real world drugs like amphetamines, methodone and more, and as they deliver direct benefits necessary to complete the game, it does directly contravene the guideline which says that drug use cannot be linked to an incentive or reward.

It appears the developer is looking to change the names of the drugs to allow State of Decay to be eligible for sale in Australia, or to find some other workaround.

Microsoft itself gave Kotaku a comment which didn't really confirm anything much, just said the company was exploring its options.


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