Star Wars MMO the fourth biggest in the world

David Wildgoose
Star Wars MMO the fourth biggest in the world

Star Wars: The Old Republic reportedly made $165m last year, placing it behind only three other subscription MMOs in terms of revenue.

A study by SuperData reported by Games Industry says that the game's global revenue of $165m in 2013 gave it a six per cent share of the total subscription MMO market.

That ranks SWTOR behind only World of Warcraft ($1.04bn/36%), Lineage ($253m/9%) and TERA: Online ($236m/8%) but ahead of Lord of the Rings Online ($104m/4%), EVE Online ($93m/3%) and Aion ($88m/3%).

MMOs that do not use a subscription model, such as Guild Wars 2, were not considered in the study.

The Old Republic figure comes both from legacy subscribers and current free-to-play gamers, with the game having made the switch to F2P in November 2012.

EA took greater control of the title from LucasArts back in November 2010 at a time when onlookers such as Bigpoint’s Heiko Hubertz were claiming it would “never be profitable”, although he conceded that a switch to microtransactions would give the game “a chance”.

With a reported development budget of between $150m-$200m (not including ongoing development and maintenance costs) it now looks as if the Force might be strong with its balance sheet after all.


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