Saint's Row IV refused classification, Volition to make edits

Leigh Harris
Saint's Row IV refused classification, Volition to make edits

News came through yesterday that Saint's Row IV was the first game in Australia to receive an RC after the R18+ rating came into effect.

The official speak concerning the game said that it was refused classification due to visual implied interactive sexual violence and drug use tied to incentives or rewards.

The former was easily conflated with rape in subsequent online confusion, while the latter was better understood, following Fallout 3's recent brush with the same ruling.

Today, Kotaku has garnered more specifics on the offending material from the Board Report, which details both.

The sexual violence comes in the form of a giant dildo with whirly bits circling it wielded like a sword and which can be used to shove into pedestrians' asses (while the pedestrians are fully clothed, and the offending area is made blurry once you've hit someone), who are then lifted up and fired into the air.

Presumably with reckless aplomb.

The drugs are called 'alien narcotics' which, when ingested, give you 'superpowers' which help you through levels.

Deep Silver has made a statement confirming that it intends to have developer Volition create an edited version of the game for re-submission to Australia.

The game has been classified as R18+ in New Zealand, although there is no word as yet as to whether the release dates in either country, or the game's PAX debut will be affected by the debacle.



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