Raiden: coming soon to a desk near you!

Leigh Harris
Raiden: coming soon to a desk near you!

Konami has announced its Collector's Edition for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, featuring a 30cm White Armour Raiden figurine.

Eschewing the more typical statuettes, this figuring will be an actual action figure, which will also be modelled in-game and accessible via DLC (also and only in the special edition).

There will also be a choice of two steelbook cases, one featuring concept art, the other featuring a render of Raiden, and each coming with DLC codes for separate in-game bonuses.

Mindscape has yet to announce a local price for the CE, but has confirmed that it will be going to JB HiFi, EB Games and 'leading New Zealand retailers'.

With the figurine as the only major value-add in the pack, around AUD$130-140 would be an attractive perceived price for fans.


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