PR win for Need For Speed Taxi

Leigh Harris
PR win for Need For Speed Taxi

Now this is what you want from a creative, public and outdoor PR campaign: a pickup by a major publication like the Daily Telegraph.

Sure, THQ got mainstream coverage left, right and centre when they promoted Saint's Row: The Third last year by giving away free petrol, but it specifically did a round of PR to hype up the event.

A social media friendly campaign like the Need For Speed: Most Wanted taxi, however, is meant to spread virally, making a win like this that much sweeter. EA couldn't have planned a photo of a police officer 'tweaking' the law with its car in shot if they wanted to. The only way it could've worked out better for them is if the camera was a few inches higher so the game logo was completely in the shot.

The article even made it into the print edition of the paper.

Of course, going for quirky campaigns can often be met with a mixed response, but there's no denying the taxi has just paid for itself.


Picture from The Daily Telegraph.


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