New 'Triple A indie studio' opens in Melbourne

Leigh Harris
New 'Triple A indie studio' opens in Melbourne

Tsumea has recently picked up on some rather high profile people forming a studio, not unlike what happened a few weeks ago.

The new studio fancies itself as a Triple A indie developer, meaning, presumably, that it's aiming to be the kind of place capable of turning out titled like Uppercut Games' Epoch or Firemonkeys' Real Racing games rather than the indiest of indie fare.

The team is calling themselves Space Dust, and its tagline (because what good game developer doesn't want a tagline) is 'Veteran developers gone rogue'.

Talent for the company includes former work for EA, Crystal Dynamics, Criterion and Atari, and one of its senior developers is Nathan Thomas, formerly of EA Visceral fame.

It'll be one to watch, and is aiming at a PC game with an 18 month development cycle at first.


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