New South Wales Writers Centre hosts local media to talk games narrative

Leigh Harris
New South Wales Writers Centre hosts local media to talk games narrative

Darren Wells and Dan Staines have been selected to discuss games and storytelling at the NSW Writers Centre next Tuesday.

The event aims to be accessible to those who don't play games just as much as those who do, and is open to everyone, even those who aren't a member of the Writers Centre (for an AUD$10 cover charge).

From the web site, the agenda for the evening includes such questions as:

  • What stories are best told as video games? What are the challenges of writing for video games? How does a story actually go from a writer’s head to being played by millions?
  • How does interactivity work in video games? How much control does the player actually have? How does interactivity change the way a story is told, and experienced?
  • How do video games explore philosophical concepts? What role do video games play in a wider cultural conversation and context?
  • How essential is violence to video games? How do you create high-stakes games without violence? Is a breakthrough, blockbuster game possible without violence?
  • How does playing video games effect the way we approach stories, and the world? Do we have different approaches to moral decisions in games than we do in real life? What are the storytelling potentials of experiencing a text that causes you to decide using two slightly moral codes?

Darren Well is the editor of the Australian Official Xbox Magazine and Daniel Staines has written and edited a variety of gaming publications, primarily Australian magazines.


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