Local reviews not much nicer to Aliens: Colonial Marines

Leigh Harris
Local reviews not much nicer to Aliens: Colonial Marines

The quality of Aliens: Colonial Marines is proving to be something of a tidal wave of negative press for those responsible.

But, as MCV UK points out, just who is responsible for the game is varying wildly depending on who you talk to.

Gearbox, TimeGate, Sega and a handful of other developers are in some way or another contributors to the game, which is sporting (currently) a 46 on Metacritic.

Local reviews haven't exactly swept in with a deluge to the contrary, either.

Nathan Lawrence indicated his frustration with how much the game almost got right over on GameArena, landing on a 5 and seeming bitterly disappointed.

Dusty Cartridge and Kotaku, meanwhile, ran reviews which took the form of savage rants with the former giving the game a 4.

On the positive side, there's an Associated Press review which gave the game three stars out of four which is doing the rounds on Fairfax sites, and Gameplanet Australia gave it a 6.5 out of ten while noting the sheer predictability of the title.

Reviews aside, there's much angst about the game online and a surefire concensus that a game by Gearbox with an IP like the Aliens franchise really ought to have been much, much better.



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