Lessons from the trenches at Qantm

Leigh Harris
Lessons from the trenches at Qantm

Last night, Qantm College hosted the IGDA Sydney Professional Indie Panel, with advice from some local entrepreneurs.

It was a good mix of local indies, with various combinations of opposed opinions on many topics facing nascent developers. There were positive and negative experiences with publishers, with contract work, and with government grants, interesting perspectives on platform choices and payment methods.

Perhaps most useful and interesting were discussions by the panel were about creative people being thrust into managerial roles, talking about their experiences with hiring and firing people as well as various workplace strategies including figuring out how best to keep motivation up when payment isn't an option.

The talk was chaired by Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray (Good Game and 5 Inch Floppy), and the panelists were Morgan Lean from Epiphany Games (Frozen Hearth), Paul Stazjer from See Through Studios (Particulars), Ben Lee from Blowfish Studios (Siegecraft) and Nic Watt from Nnooo! (Spirit Hunters, EscapeVektor).

It's the second such panel Qantm has hosted in the last while, with the Narrative in Games panel discussion taking place there last June.



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