IN PHOTOS: The Last Of Us IGN Black Beta

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOS: The Last Of Us IGN Black Beta

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and IGN teamed up last night to deliver a Black Beta event for Naughty Dog's survival action game.

All stops were pulled out, with the Standard in Sydney's Taylor Square being decked out in a more extravagent way than any event in recent memory.

In-game inspired graffiti and street art littered the walls, ruinous old artefacts of old furnishings (including old-school theatre seats leading up to the stage) and overgrown foliage made the whole club feel oppressive and perfectly in theme for the approximately 350 IGN readers who attended.

Naughty Dog designer Ricky Gambier was on hand after his talk at Vivid festival and press events to meet with fans and explain some of the thought processes behing making the game.

To hammer the vibe of the night home, several larger chaps in full army camo and gas masks had absurdly large dogs on leashes to keep an eye on things.

A brief gallery of shots from the event are below:


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