IN PHOTOS: Dead Island Riptide Black Beta

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOS: Dead Island Riptide Black Beta

To launch Dead Island: Riptide, All Interactive and IGN teamed up to give it the Black Beta treatment at Cruise Bar in Sydney.

The bar overlooks the Sydney Opera House, and was decked out with deadly holiday resort attire and inhabitants to match.

There was a make-up artist on hand to ensure that people got progressively more and more bitten throughout the night, as well as the requisite IDUs featuring the game playable for those 200 IGN readers who were lucky enough to be able to attend.

The game itself is still as much a joy to play as the previous one, keeping the co-op tradition alive and allowing for a well-oiled engine to frequently give way to bickering and 'Leave him! He's finished!' moments.

Check out the gallery of shots from the night below:


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