IGN joins IGEA as an Associate Member

Leigh Harris
IGN joins IGEA as an Associate Member

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association has opened its doors to associate members.

“We welcome IGN to the IGEA family and look forward to working closely together to deliver additional value to Members and create further ways to promote the industry,” said Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA.

“IGN has established strong relationships with our Members, and is committed to bringing the latest gaming news and industry issues, such as classification, to consumers."

James Whitehead, GM of Ziff Davis Australia, added: "IGN is uniquely positioned to amplify the challenges affecting our industry, as well as its successes. With our growing presence in Asia Pacific as part of an expanding global footprint, IGN will take the Australian industry voice to the next level."

The change in format for the IGEA came as a result of a strategic review undertaken in collaboration with PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Megan Brownlow.

With the diversification of stakeholders including consumers now facing the games industry, (that Brownlow also outlined yesterday in the PwC industry briefing) it was more important than ever for the IGEA to become more inclusive, and allowing for this new tier of 'associate member' does just that.

There will certainly be more announcements as other partners join the IGEA in the coming weeks and months, from media outlets to digital developers, agencies and more. Stay tuned.


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