GTA V Special and Collectors' Editions on sale now, Collectors' almost gone

Leigh Harris
GTA V Special and Collectors' Editions on sale now, Collectors' almost gone

It may not be hugely surprising, but the pre-order editions of GTA V are on sale now, and the more expensive is hard to find.

A cursory ringaround to local stores says that customers who had a paid-off pre-order down before the Collectors' Edition was announced got first dibs, and almost all stores are running low or sold out.

The Collectors' Edition only features physical items in the form of a cap and safety deposit bag, so it's a testament to the franchise's ability to whip people into a frenzy that its sold within just hours.

Any edition pre-ordered will gain players access to flying a blimp, but the full details for the other editions are as follows:

Special Edition: Available exclusively through EB Games in ANZ for AUD$119.95 or NZD$139.95.

  • Steelbook case with exclusive artwork
  • Blueprint Los Santos map with areas of interest marked
  • Special ability booster for each of the three main characters
  • In-game content in the form of stunt plane trials, outfits, tattoos and weapons

Collectors' Edition: Available (if you can find it) through EB Games and JB HiFi in ANZ for AUD$169.95 or NZD$199.95 and containing all of the above plus:

  • GTA V Security Deposit bag with key
  • Los Santos cap
  • In-game content in the form of custom characters for online play, unique vehicles and garages


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