Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Bound to turn a few heads this week is Injustice: Gods Among Us, Fire Emblem: Awakening as well as some great ports and downloads.

Injustice: Gods Among us is the next fighting game from the creators of Mortal Kombat, and sees them tackle the DC Universe with a force not yet seen. It'll be out on Wednesday 17th April on PS3 and 360 for AUD$79.95 or NZD$99.95.

Fire Emlem: Awakening is the much anticipated 3DS RPG which sees players once again tackle the immensely difficult yet oddly quirky Fire Emblem Series, hitting on Saturday 20th April for AUD$69.95 or NZD$94.95.

Flanking these two are Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge as well as XBLA releases God Mode and Sacred Citadel.


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