EA gets stuck into the 'Worst Company in America' polls

Leigh Harris
EA gets stuck into the 'Worst Company in America' polls

Last year, EA took the title of 'Worst Company in America' on a poll on Consumerist, and is in the final four for this year.

GamePlanet noted that rather than remaining silent, EA COO Peter Moore chose to openly talk about where these votes were coming from and why he doesn't think a lot of the votes are for things the company would genuinely consider to be problems.

Chris Morran at Consumerist shot back by explaining that the nature of the competition wasn't so much to actually identify in an empirical manner which company was demonstrably the worst in the world, but rather that it was a means for consumers to send clear messages to companies with which they were having negative experiences.

The types of complaints Moore feels aren't valid include such things as those who are anti EA's LGBT policy (which he'd be right to ignore and/or condemn) and SimCity's always-on policy being a DRM measure, which he again categorically refuted.


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