EA delays Dragon Age: Inquisition

David Wildgoose
EA delays Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Bioware RPG's release date has been pushed back six weeks, EA announced today.

Previously set to launch on October 9, Dragon Age: Inquisition will now arrive at Australian and New Zealand retail on November 20.

In a post on the Dragon Age site, executive producer Mark Darrah says the extra time will allow the devleoper to "polish the experience."

"I’m privileged to be a part of a team that has been working very hard to surpass every measure they’ve set for themselves," he wrote.

"That has meant completing huge amounts of game content, fixing bugs both big and small, and improving the overall experience. This last bit of time is about polishing the experience we want you to see. Ensuring that our open spaces are as engaging as possible. Strengthening the emotional impact of the Hero's choices. And ensuring the experience you get is the best it can be in the platform you choose to play on."

Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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