Destiny detailed by Bungie and Activision

Leigh Harris
Destiny detailed by Bungie and Activision

Well, Bungie has been busy for a while working on this next project, let's see what it's all about.

Entitled 'Destiny', the game has received a big push today from Activision (which, incidentally, identified itself as being the publisher of mega-franchises Call of Duty and Skylanders), which has told us the following:

  • It's a first-person shooter / MMO hybrid.
  • It takes place in a rich, sci-fi setting based in our solar system where we are defending Earth's last remaining city.
  • The world will 'evolve' over time, and tell a cinematic action-adventure story.
  • Players can bump into others who aren't in the same story section as they are.
  • The game will come for 360, PS3 and 'future consoles'.
  • Players will receive updates and organise via their smartphones.

"Not only does Destinylook amazing, but its new living world will change the way players think of co-operative online gaming," said EB Games’ Buying and Marketing Director Egan Still. "This is just the type of innovation the game industry has been waiting for and I’m anxious for players to experience the vast universe of Destiny."

Well, the future of Playstation 3 is almost upon us with whatever Sony is set to announce tomorrow, and all signs certainly point to a more integrated, service-based future for both consoles, so Destiny is certainly poised to make a big splash. It's got the talent and the money, but we're still waiting for more.

Check out the developer diary video on the game's official site now.


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