David Milner named new Game Informer editor

David Wildgoose
David Milner named new Game Informer editor

Citrus Media has appointed David Milner as editor of the Australian edition of Game Informer.

Milner, who had been acting editor for the past few months, is now officially the new editor following Chris Stead's departure last year. His promotion completes a remarkable journey from Game Informer reader to editor in the space of three years.

"I’ve worked on Game Informer for nearly three years now, first appearing as a Next Big Critic winner, which led to some on-going freelance work, and then I came on as staff writer about 18 months ago," says Milner. "It's been a pretty crazy ride."

"It's been great working closely with Chris Stead over the last few years - I've learned a tonne from him - and I'm really happy that I've been able to step up into the role and make it my own."

Stead left Game Informer to pursue other projects, including Grab It, a digital magazine devoted to tablet and smartphone games.

Milner says Game Informer sells over 40,000 copies per month, thanks in part to a distribution deal with EB Games, and the newly launched digital edition will target 1.4 million gamers through EB's loyalty scheme.

"We’ve got some really epic covers coming up that I'm looking forward to revealing," he adds. "It’s an exciting period for the industry after a few slow years of stagnation, and we’ll continue to bring these massive games to the world first. I'm also intent on sharing the spotlight as much as possible with our local indie developers - they're doing exciting stuff and deserve the coverage."


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