Aussie videogame music composer 'scores' GDC

Leigh Harris
Aussie videogame music composer 'scores' GDC

At last year's GDC, Aussie videogame composer Mick Gordon captured sound bites from industry luminaries.

This year, Gordon has turned those sound bits and random captures audio fragments to turn GDC 2011 into its very own soundtrack for GDC 2012.

The track has been released in time for the current conference, with a huge swath of Australia's media, tertiary educators and developers over in San Francisco producing another round of sounds which could potentially be used in such a creative manner all over again.

Contributors to the aural compilation include two composers associated with the Mass Effect franchise, voice actors from Skyrim and Bioshock and a keyboardist from Fear Factory.

Gordon said: "Absolutely everything you hear in this track was made by manipulating these recordings using various sound design techniques. Every drum, lead, chord and effect was, at one point in time, a recording of somebody making noises with their mouth at GDC San Francisco 2011."

Gordon has previously worked on music for the Need for Speed franchise and Destroy All Human 2!, as well as titles for the Nickelodeon and Marvel franchises.

You can listen to the track for yourself here.


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