Activision lifts the mask on Call of Duty: Ghosts for local media

Leigh Harris
Activision lifts the mask on Call of Duty: Ghosts for local media

The first handful of local press have seen the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here's what they had to say about it...

"Their confidence in what they’ve crafted at the potential of this engine though, is contagious," says Steve Farrelly over at AusGamers. "Yes we’ve heard studios and publishers tout game engines before, and debates go back and forth, but at the end of the day, with a billion dollar franchise like this, only the best toolset will do."

"Infinity Ward - the company that invented the franchise - have created an all new story with all new characters and no link whatsoever to the games that came before it," adds Alan Bell from NZGamer. "I was impressed with what I saw, particularly in the way Infinity Ward and Activision are prepared to throw away guaranteed success (in the form of Modern Warfare 4) in favor of driving the series forward. It's a bold move for the tenth game in a series to make."

"Even as it gears-up for its third hardware tour, Call of Duty will have the technical wherewithal to satisfy its legions of fans around the world," declared James Cullinane for Gameplanet. "Any would-be challenger to its position as apex predator of the entire entertainment world had better bring more than a comely dress."

"Call of Duty is an iconic institution of the modern gaming era," Ben Salter reminds us at MMGN. "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare brought online console gaming to the masses this generation, and Infinity Ward seems determined to repeat its pioneering success."

Meanwhile, IGN AU is currently running a video interview on the game's lead animator - also a worthy first look into the raw production of the game itself.


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