10 Things You Need to Know About: FIFA 14

Leigh Harris
10 Things You Need to Know About: FIFA 14

From the outside, the yearly changes to the FIFA series might seem minute, but here are the ones that matter this year:

  1. You can now play entire seasons co-operatively.
  2. The new Protect the Ball mechanic allows players to control the pace of the game midfield like never before.
  3. There are now 32 stadiums around the world to play in.
  4. Using the new Pure Shot mechanic, players can take characters' stride into account when lining up for the perfect shot.
  5. You can scout for talent online in digital leagues through the Global Transfer Network.
  6. EA has implemented realistic ball physics and authentic trajectories allowing players to accurately place shots.
  7. There are now 33 licensed leagues, 600 clubs and more than 16'000 players available to choose.
  8. New formation types and chemistry styles have been added to the popular Ultimate Team mode.
  9. Pro Club mode allows players to play though 10 divisions online while earning achievements and unlockables.
  10. The game released yesterday for PS3 and 360 (AUD$99.95 or NZD$119.95), Wii and 3DS (AUD$49.95).


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