10 Things You Need to Know About: Deadpool

Leigh Harris
10 Things You Need to Know About: Deadpool

For anyone not in the comic book know, here's a breakdown of what today's Deadpool release is all about.

  1. Deadpool is a comic book character from 1991 in the New Mutant series of books from Marvel.
  2. He was an antagonist who repeatedly breaks the fourth wall for humourous effect.
  3. The story of the game centres around Deadpool kidnapping the development team of his own game and forcing them to make it - very fourth-wall breaking indeed.
  4. The game is developed by High Moon Studios, creators of the recent trilogy of Transformers games and The Bourne Conspiracy in 2008.
  5. The game is a third-person action game, a by-the-books beat-em-up featuring Deadpool's trademark swords and guns as well as some larger-than-life weapons like a laser and sledgehammer.
  6. It's excessively violent in a comic-book sort of way.
  7. The game is written by Daniel Way, who wrote some of the original Deadpool comics, and High Moon Studios.
  8. Nolan North voiced Deadpool in the animated film Hulk Vs, and reprises his role here.
  9. Reviews so far haven't been positive, with the Metacritic average sitting at 63.
  10. The game is out today on PS3 and 360 for AUD$69.95 or NZD$109.95


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