10 Things You Need to Know About Dead Space 3

Leigh Harris
10 Things You Need to Know About Dead Space 3

The third plunge into the depths of deep dark space from Visceral Games is here, and carries no shortage of aliens with it.

  1. The third in the series which has spawned numerous comics, films and other media.
  2. You play in a universe where powerful objects known as 'markers' mutate people into transfigured and hostile life forms.
  3. The key gameplay mechanic is that the creatures all have limbs which flail wildly, and it's only by chopping off those limbs that they can be destroyed, rather than going for torso or headshots.
  4. The primary and iconic weapon, the laser cutter, fires a horizontal or vertical line to create a slicing effect.
  5. For the first time in the series, you play on an ice planet called Tau Volantis (as opposed to an abandoned space ship).
  6. The player can use his suit's jetpack to shift seamlessly from ground-based shooter to flying around the gameworld.
  7. Crafting of weapons is a huge component of the game, with countless weapon options and upgrades to earn.
  8. The slow-paced corridor horror of the original game has been dampened somewhat in favour of a broader and more gripping cinematic flavour, which the game does well.
  9. Metacritic ratings for the game current average 79.
  10. The game is out today for 360, PS3 and PC for AUD$79.95 or NZD$99.95.


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